Dear Spicy Users
After over 4 years of great fun making Spicy, iSchematics LLC is shutting down. As of May 31, 2016, Spicy servers will be shutdown. Please take this time to save your work, and produce netlists and simulation reports as needed. If you have purchased a 1-year license for Spicy on the web on or after May 31, 2015, that amount has been refunded.
iSchematics LLC
Spicy Schematics

Modern Circuit Design for mobile and web.

Intuitive, Powerful, and Portable.
Circuit schematic capture and simulation for Mobile and Web.

  • Professional-grade Spice simulation
  • Subcircuits and device models
  • Spice Model Manager
  • Analog & Digital Parts
  • AC, DC, Transient, and OP analysis modes
  • Free web version fully functional, only limited # of saved files
  • File Sync Between Mobile & Web
  • In-Application Plotting
  • Export & Share Design Reports and Screenshots
  • In-Application Tutorial
  • Online Circuit Library
  • Online Storage for Circuits
  • Raw Netlist Output

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